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F1 2021 ps4 or ps5?

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Considering you can't buy a PS5 at the moment, at least in the UK 'unavailable', they'd be mad to limit their sales and make it next-gen exclusive. 

Stranger things have happened of course but I expect at least a half-assed livery update for current gen. 

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Both will get it, I would follow the structure Microsoft laid out, both will get new games till 2022 when they will switch it. It all depends on how big a graphical leap codies make. F1 2020 seems to run fine on current/last gen hardware.

There again I went and played black ops Cold War on my Xbox one the other day and realised just how dated the hardware was whilst struggling to be able to see what was happening (framerate not detail). When I swapped to my series x the resolution and detail were so much higher. 

 And as @KNT2011 said they would be mad to limit who can play it. I’d imagine over the next year many more people will upgrade to the new consoles but people forget just how many Xbox one/PS4s there are still being used.

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