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BREAKING - Ford Cosworth Enter F1

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Well they do in the Career I'm running 😉

Got to the end of season 3 and won the Constructors and I was World Champion, George Russell became my team mate half way through season 2 and by season 3 we were the best team. I won the last race to beat Russell to title.

Going into season 4 I decided to go for a young team mate from F2 to see if I could develop him, I went for Mick Schumacher who had much lower ratings than Russell so I expected him to have to develop. As an example his experience was 42 , Russell 64, pace was 83 against 90. Awareness 74 against 100. However in the first race of season 4 Schumacher got pole and won. I simulated the race,  I was second. I know I have the best car but he was even better than Russell had been. I better not develop him too much 😉

It's my second My Team career I have done and I love how different things happen, in my first career Vettel and Raikonnen both retired at the end of season 1, but in my current career Kimi retired in season 2. Vettel still going strong and has just replaced Bottas at Mercedes, Bottas has gone to Williams! Guess Mercedes didn't like being beaten by a new team 😉

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