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The women of Codemasters on International Women’s Day

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It’s International Women’s Day 2021! Last year, to celebrate IWD we shone a spotlight on some of the fantastic women who work at Codemasters (feel to check that out here). This year, we’re going one better, with video and written interviews with women who do some amazing work across a wide variety of departments here at Codies.

From game design, to HR, to licensing, to analytics and more, Codemasters is fortunate to have incredibly talented women in its ranks at many levels of seniority. Codemasters is committed to encouraging and exemplifying diversity and quality within the world of gaming, and we’re proud to continue welcoming women from all walks of life to our studios across the globe.

For this year’s IWD, we spoke to many of them to find out their story, what drives them in their role, and what advice they have for any women looking to join the games industry. Below, you can check out a special video hosted by Codies Recruitment Manager Meg Daintith, featuring interviews with women across the company.



If you’ve enjoyed that, you can check out the rest of this blog right here for more interviews and quotes from other women at Codemasters, who kindly gave up their time to speak with us.


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