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Beginner League Racing and Pit Assists

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I've been looking to join a beginners league and am curious why pit assist is almost always banned?  At least from what I've found so far.... 

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It gives an unfair advantage in time if you use it, plus braking (part of entering the pitlane) should be done manual. You will not find a league where where the braking assist is allowed.

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The fact an assist helps is not in itself a reason leagues ban them. ALL assists help and plenty of leagues allow various assists.

I can certainly see why it would be appropriate for a beginner league to have pit assist allowed. I think the issue is there probably aren't many leagues targeting beginners.

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Thank you for the insights..

I get the unfair advantage part, but if available and you don't use it to your advantage I'd say that's your mistake.  Besides it would be easy enough for codemasters to make the pit assist have a time penalty. 

I'm sure I can get the hang of it, it just seemed an odd assist to not allow in the big picture... I play ranked online and just haven't come across it... I'm high bronze / low silver for reference. 

Thanks again... Such a great forum. 


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I run a league and we accept all levels. And if someone new comes in that needs some help to get to a certain level to be competitive, we offer that in private sessions. So, even though we don’t allow pit assist either, you’re very welcome to join.


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