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Question on Qualy Pace program and Qualifying times

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Hi all, wondering if any of you have this issue.

I play as Mercedes in my career mode, 85% difficulty, 50% races and with no assists.

I struggle with the Qualy pace program (QPP) particularly with exceededing the target time. My setup is exactly the same and use brand new softs used for QPP and Qualy (Q).

for example, Australia;

In P3, QPP wants 1:22.5 to meet my target of 3rd.

Q1 - Fastest AI sets a 1:22.9.

Q2 - Fastest AI sets a 1:22.6.

Q3 - Fastest AI sets a 1:22.2.

So on the face of it the time required in QPP (1:22.5) is about right for 3rd. However, I really struggled to make this time in the QPP and only just did it.I think this is because I only have access to RICH fuel mix.

In all actual Q sessions I easily made the 1:22.5 time, and then some (as I had access to MAX fuel mix).

So shouldn’t the target QPP time be adjusted to be slower to compensate for the lack of access to the MAX fuel mix? Or let us have access to MAX fuel mix in QPP.

Am I missing something? Grateful for any thoughts.

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2 hours ago, Lakrits said:

It's not ment to be easy. If it's easy your difficulty level is to low. Since you're in the best car in the field the time you need to do seems reasonable.


I guess my point was more around how the QPP wants me to do a (albeit) realistic Qualy time using a sub-standard fuel mix and was wondering if anyone else had this issue.

If QPP is to be realistic it should let me use Max fuel mix and keep the realistic target time OR adjust the target time to be lower to compensate for only being able to use Rich fuel mix (as my time will definitely be slower on this)?


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