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When I open game, it saying: Load failed. I pressed turn off autosave than I created profile again and in menu I tried to turn on autosave, but it is saying error. So I can't save my game. Everytime when I open the game "Load failed" error occurs. How can I fix it?

What I tried:

Reinstall game, delete save files, run as administrator, run in offline mode, Run DX11 version...

Is there any other fix than reinstalling Windows? I can't reinstall Windows, I have lot of programs and work on my PC, reinstalling is impossible for me.

Please can someone help me, I really love F1 and I want to play ASAP :-)

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I also have this problem, If I want to play the game I need to start everything from scratch, and since auto-save can't be turned on, when I close the game all my data resets. I don't have any antivirus or protected files that I know of, I only did a windows update maybe its because of that?



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