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When to expect new game news


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Prior to F1 2019 the usual timeframe was roughly May announcement with an August release date, 2019 was notably earlier with a late March announcement and a June release, 2020 slightly later with April announcement and July release date.

Basically, expect news anytime between the end of March and May for details on F1 2021.  Although that said I’m fully preparing myself for a later release this year due to the pandemic, plus if they intend to include all the new tracks to replicate this years calendar I can imagine it will take a fair bit of time to work on those.  

Also to add to this, Podium Pass season 4 is on the way too plus I believe CM plan to continue patches and support for F1 2020 so can imagine they want to prolong the games life as much as possible until F1 2021s release. 

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