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Purchased Dirt Rally from North American Playstation store...but got South American version-PLEASE R


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Hello, I purchased Dirt Rally from the North American Playstation store on 02-19-2021. Once I downloaded the game, it was apparent that the game was localized for South America(not English language option).

After contacting Sony support, I contacted Codemasters and recieved an email a few days later acknowledging that the South American was uploaded to the North American Playstation store and that the issue would be resolved in 48-72 hours. That was about three weeks ago. Currently the PS store does not have the game available for download and the one I have in my purchased is still the South American version(I have re-downloaded numerous times).

And now that it's past 14 days, Sony will not refund the purchase. This is unacceptable. Can I get any update on this issue?

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