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Game stuck on loading screen (xbox one)

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Hi All, 

Platform: Xbox One (2013)

Game: F1 2020 standard version - disc

Issue: Whenever i try to play the game will get stuck on the loading screen (when loading the track) 

it’s happening nearly every time now so it’s pretty concerning that i can’t play it. 
i get a black screen with “Please Wait...” appearing in the top left corner

what i’ve tried: restarting console. 
hard reset

removing disc

cleaning disc (even though it’s brand new) 


I really don’t want to have to try uninstalling and installing again just on the off chance that it may fix it as it took ages to install initially. 

Does anyone know why it is doing this? Being an old game i was surprised to encounter this sort of glitch. 

Interestingly, Melbourne loaded up fine every time when i was playing the game whilst it was still installing. 

none of my other games do this so i don’t think it’s a console fault. 

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Update: it just seems to be some tracks that won’t load

Silverstone, monaco, Montreal etc

i’m hoping it just didn’t install properly, so i’m going to try uninstalling and installing again

annoying cos it will take around 10 hours but hopefully it will resolve it. 

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1 hour ago, BarryBL said:

Did you attempt reinstallation? 

Yes i did thanks, and that has resolved it which was a relief. 
never encountered a dodgy installation with any of my games before but glad it’s sorted. 
if any mods see this please close the thread.  

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