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f1 2020 ps4 / My team / Brazil GP

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I'm new to the community, and mainly registered to gather information, participate in conversations, ask for tips and eventually how to solve som glitches and bugs. 

I'm playing on base version of ps4 and have issues where my game crashes in qualifying session in Brazil. All softwares and apps are up to date. Tried solving it by restarting ps4, entering and exiting the game, skipping time in qualifying from the pits and risk getting to the back of the grid for the race but always crashes 2 minutes into the quali no matter if on the track or parked in the pits. Anyone else with the same bug? Any tips on how to solve it? 

Error code ce 34878 0, I know this code comes up when the data is corrupt or there is a software interference, restarting always helped, but didn't do the trick now. 😞

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