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Repair a puncture mid stage function broken!

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Ever since the last update/patch, I've lost the ability to repair puncture during a stage. Yes I always carry a spare and it was working before the update for a long time. It happens in career and club rallies. It's very frustrating and has ruined several of my rallies. Btw, I'm on Steam PC. Again, very frustrating and disappointed. Anyone else has this problem?

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hi, I have similar problem.

Mine is that I cant change button layout on the wheel to confirm wheel change. I have Thrustmaster T300 RS GT, playing on PC, and have installed custom 320mm wheel, which now covers mahority of the buttons, except 4 most outer ones (L2, R2, SE, ST) and I change in settings to have lets say ST button as a Roadside repairs, save it, but when I crash and loose a wheel, when I need to confirm the change, it acts like I pressed Esc on keyboard.

And whats worse, or Im stupid, is that I cant bind any keys on keyboard instead of wheel. WHY?

Asetto corsa competizione allows this no problem, you can use on wheel buttons and keyboard buttons at same time in game.

This is really frustrating and I cant figure it out. Is this a stupid bug or what??


I literally cant figure out how to change a tire on the car using on wheel buttons!  or any buttons

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