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3rd Party liveries and Anti Cheat Measures

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Dear all,

There is a huge amount of liveries available.

It would like to use some.

But Im afraid to use them, because I may get punished by anti Cheat measures.


Here is the Info to have also a look for 3rd Party liveries .

How can I be sure that a 3rd Party livery is save and has no consequence?

Is there somerhing i can check  myself, or do I have to ask the creator of a livery. And how save would be an answer of a creator?

How high is the risk? Is there really a risk and what is the consequence when the cheat detector will detect me based on a livery?

I have deleted all of the 3rd party custom liveries out of the game folders and use only the original ones.

I fully support anti cheat measures and acceot that its not allowed to use custom liveries. But is it really so hard and risky?

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@BarryBL is correct regarding F1 2020.


DiRT Rally 2.0 is a little different in that some basic mods (like liveries) are allowed however the usual caveat applies: Codemasters does not endorse/promote them, and you waive any right to technical support.


Either way, here's a thread:


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