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F1 2021 Automatic Gear (suggestion for improvement)


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Hi Codemasters,

in the last 2-3 months I have been forced to use the automatic gear a little bit due to an injury on the right hand (otherwise I run Full Elite mode).
I found it very good implemented, it's obviously just a little bit slower especially in downshifting and of course you cannot choose exactly the gear you would like to have but that's obvious.

Even better it's not automatic "only", because it does not exclude the gear shifters, meaning you can manually change gears sometimes.
Unfortunately the most of the times the automatic management overrules it, I'm referring especially at the corner exit where you may would like to use a bit of shortshifting.

It would be a big enhancement to force the automatic management to wait e.g. 1 second before to overrule it.

I explain better: if the cars enters a curve in 2nd gear and I manually force it to 3rd in exit, once a manual command is given, the automatic system should wait 1 second before to set back the 2nd gear (according to its current algorithm). In the meanwhile the speed of the car increases and at the end of 1 second, it won't be necessary anymore to put the 2nd gear. This would really allow to enjoy the automatic gear if ones has to use it for any reason.

On the other hand nothing changes if the gear shift goes in the same direction: nothing to wait in this case, like now. In the example above after I manually set the 3rd gear, if within 1 second the algorithm feels it's the time to set the 4th, it just does it.

I hope I have been understandable, feel free to ask if not and thank you for reading and hopefully to give it a chance for F1 2021 :classic_smile:


P.S.: in the case I'm available for any test about

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Alternatively, shortshifting could be managed automatically, something like "as soon as I give the throttle in 1st or 2nd, a gear is increased instantly (automatically)", but I don't think it would be easier to implement correctly... :classic_rolleyes:

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