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Greetings all

Hailing from Holland, I'm in my early sixties, grandpa of three boys and dad to 4 girls.

Network analyst, yadayada.. I know stuff about computers and networks. Been doing that since 1974, so yeah.

Also an avid gamer, especially during the early 2000's (Microsoft Flight simulator). After a bit of a pause, I picked up Dirt3 and was instantly hooked.

The game rocks. Sim rallying rocks.

Since I sunk my teeth in Dirt3 and 4 in december I have some 300 odd hours into the game. Mostly improving my time in Time trials. Invested in a good wheel (Thrustmaster t300) and shifter.

Probably later on this year a proper wheel stand and handbrake will be added. Time trials are good for your brain, it forces the gamer to learn the track by heart.

Tupasiente currently at 2:38, I need to shave off 10 odd seconds. In this I ride with manual shift and no assistive settings.

I'm playing from a somewhat underpowered PC that probably will see replacement. I'm not sure yet whether that will be a new pc, or a console. Reason is I know Windows is ****, and perhaps a Playstation is less burdened by prima-donna overhead of the OS. 

What else?

I'm a biker, I own a huge Honda Goldwing that I lovingly call Fat Bertha. Love to ride it with my lovely wife on the backseat. Like to make and post videos on that topic in youtube.

Usually easygoing, but some things can rile me up big time. I'm not always friendly when confronted with downright avoidable stupidity. 

I'm verbal, and hate oneliners. Not great with stuff like twitter, nor facebook. A well written e-mail, where the sender pays attention to form as well as content will be answered in kind.

There's things I want to learn, there's loads I can teach. Hope to find some of that in this forum



Wing in Tulips.jpeg

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