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Stacked pit stop

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So I am competing in this weekend's multiplayer event and after the usual mayhem at the first corner at Bahrain I am catching the guy in front. I have the gap down to 1 second and we both pit on the same lap. He pulls into his pit.......and I am stacked behind him!!! WT*!!! I end up losing over 12 seconds to him which I could only get down to 6 over the rest of the race. Since when have we had 'team mates' in weekend events and had to 'share' a pit box?

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Yup, I had this exact same thing happen to me as well (earlier in the game).

The entire pit lane and other pit boxes were empty! And I get put behind the only

other car in the pits!

I was livid, this should not be happening codemasters, players should be sent to the

first available pit box and if all full then and only then should the player be stacked.


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Seen it happen too but that means fixing part of game and this company doesn’t do that unless game breaker, amount of times I entered pits and my pit crew just stand looking at car for 3 seconds before doing anything( not got any penalties against myself) is ridiculous as lost races cause of this and this been happening with 2018 edition and 2019 too, seems updating graphics and coining money in is more important than fixing mistakes.

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