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F1 2021 Multiplayer career mode


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This is my and my friends thinking what could be done for F1 2021, however we are happy with what you bring out in June

My team:

You can have a multiplayer career mode where you and one or more friends make your own team and race together with AI drivers and real teams. This would include driver retirements and driver transfers to change the season a bit more up R+D points could also be spent where you have to vote together to spend them together. This could be like a league where you have a set time and it saves the points you got from the last couple of races in the league standings. Or it could be like a normal career mode when it saves a file and you can do it whenever you want.


Career mode:
Another idea for it could be driver career where you two travel though F2 together and pick your driver academy. Then you travel to F1 after one season of F2 maybe even 2 seasons if you wanted to do 2 seasons and you split ways in F1 to go to different teams however you must start off with the same team near R+D points together such as Mclearn and Reno. You can get fired get promoted and teams come to you as well as the other way around



Things They will both have in common:

They will both have engine wear and you can vote to skip time if everyone’s in the pit. They will have one practise session which is not needed and you can simulate them the practise would be 15 - 30 mins so you do not waste a lot of time on practise, They will both have driver transfers and retirements

Thank you for listening 

Xbox GT : Alibob4305

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