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I wanted to throw some ideas, which was more in the realism of physics and just reality.

To begin, the damage of F1, it should really be improved, we can go further (loss of the rear spoiler for example, breakage of engines that occur if we abuse too much, because there I find that it must force for it to be the case).

Then and this is the biggest, (There are 2 parts that will be separated by 2 paragraphs) for this idea to be taken into account, the red flag must be back, then, for the idea that can in solo as in multiplayer : Once the red flag is raised, the drivers (who will be controlled by AIs) will be brought back to the pit lane, and then they will be able to get out of the car and move (on keyboard or joystick but not with a steering wheel, it would be too complicated) on a restricted field (which would be the pits) and they will be able to discuss between teammates or between drivers, to know the reason of the red flag, or things like that, the players will be able to discuss.

The second idea is that once a driver retires, he will get out of his car and go behind the safety barriers as fast as possible (but still be careful), or medical vehicles like the Medical Car will go and get them.

Thanks for reading, Shuzz

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