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On PS4/XBOX/PC there have been numerous complaints surrounding the frustration around getting unnecessarily held in the pits. I’m sure you have seen it. When driving in the pits you get held ridiculously and for races like challengers and competitive leagues where Esport teams such as Mercedes, McLaren, Alfa are watching you it should 100% be an option to turn ghosting on in the pits to stop holding. It’s in the esports version so why not in the normal one. 

I understand it’s not the realism the casuals want so could we not have an option to turn it on and off? If you brought this to the game it would change league racing for the better and it would certainly make the league racing community much happier. 

i didn’t follow the template as it’s literally impossible for this sort of complaint. However I’m sure you guys will see it. Thanks a lot :)

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