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Doubtful Remake... but

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Interesting thought I came to me even though I doubt it will happen unless its hugely highlighted, since Electronic Arts has bought Codemasters and I wondered if the good old Codemasters would be up for the challenge of going way back to 1999 and remastering a great game on the Nintendo 64 that I had fun on, which was: HSV Adventure Racing (not Beetle Adventure Racing) Since if by any chance, EA should or still have the rights for that and since Codemasters are more reputable with racing games, it could be done. (maybe) 

Could also do the graphics swapping or reverting alike games: Halo Anniversary or something to reignite the nostalgia.

I'm sure that there would be some Licensing issues that would be stopping this being what is was, if that would be the case.

but alas, tis but a thought..

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2 hours ago, sjsharp2010 said:

I'd imagine if w eas wany remakes a talli twoyuld likely be for something like one o ftheir own pas tgames like TOCA Race driver

sorry I had to kind of "decode" what your sentence said, but I understand it would have to be one of their own past games... 

then again its doable, but highly unlikely. 

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