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2021 WERC Rally Championship

WERC - Esports League

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Admitted drivers for WERC 1
Entry List

How to sign-up:

IMPORTANT: WERC 1 is closed to new participants and placement is based on 2020 Season and 2021 Tarmac & Gravel Championships. Organizers might promote drivers from WERC 3 to a higher division only under exceptional circumstances.

1 – Register in our website.
2 – If you are already registered, log in Log In/Out. Fill the Sign-Up form of the championship in Inscription
*Check if your name shows in the entry list after 5 minutes. If not, try again until you find your name there.
3 – Join our Discord server, is mandatory.
4 – You can follow us on Twitter or Instagram to stay tuned.
5 – Links to Racenet clubs in Discord.


Important dates Open Date/Time (UTC) Close Date/Time (UTC)
Sign-Up 03/03/2021 – 00:00 29/03/2021 – 23:59
Publication list of participants 30/03/2021
Event Location Leg 1 Location Leg 2 Open Date/Time (UTC) Close Date/Time (UTC)
TASMAN RALLY New Zealand Australia 01/04/2021 – 00:00 06/04/2021 – 23:59
THE ALPINE RALLY Germany* MonteCarlo* 15/04/2021 – 00:00 20/04/2021 – 23:59
FOREST RALLY USA Finland* 29/04/2021 – 00:00 04/05/2021 – 23:59
ARCTIC VÄRMLAND RALLY Sweden* Sweden* 13/05/2021 – 00:00 18/05/2021 – 23:59
RALLY TO THE CLOUDS Argentina Greece* 27/05/2021 – 00:00 01/06/2021 – 23:59
RALLY GALICIA Poland Spain 10/06/2021 – 00:00 15/06/2021 – 23:59
UK RALLY Wales* Scotland* 24/06/2021 – 00:00 29/06/2021 – 23:59

*DLC necessary for this location

Winners of the series might be promoted to a better category/division and invited to WERC Race Of Champions (WEROC).

General Information

***All this info can be find in the Rulebook of the championship.

The IV WERC Rally Championship consists in:
– 7 rallies of 2 legs and with a maximum of 16 stages per rally.
– 3 categories and 3 divisions: 2000cc [WERC 1] , R5 [WERC 2] and R2 [WERC Junior].
– Every round will be opened for 6 days (starting Thursdays at 00:00h and finishing at 23:59h UTC on Tuesdays).
– Standings available in WERC website 7 days after the end of every rally.
– It is a multi-platform championship (PSN, Steam and XBOX).

Stages conditions over several days with varying weather conditions. Weather conditions extracted from weather forecast 1 week before every event. Power Stage is the final stage of the rally.

A total number of 7 rallies of a unique competitive experience, only the 6 best results will be taken into account for the final standings of the World Championship.

Team Championship

The following are the rules which all teams have to follow:

Article 1.7.1 – Minimum number of members of the team is 1 driver. Maximum number of 3 drivers within each division.

Article 1.7.2 – All drivers of the same team must choose the same car within the same division. Drivers cannot transfer between new or affiliated teams during the championship.

Article 1.6.3  Only the first 2 drivers of a team in each rally will get points for the WERC Rally Team Championship.

Annex 1: Shortcuts and cutting corners

Drivers have to send us their videos of 2 stages after every rally, one per leg. These stages are secret for WERC 1 and WERC 2 drivers until the end of the rally when a post on WERC Discord will reveal them. Drivers in WERC Junior will send us the videos of the last stage of each leg always. The videos should be sent by a link to any platform (for example, Youtube, Twitch, etc) in the specific channel of our WERC Discord.

Video is mandatory if you finish in Top 5 of your division and in addition, 1-5 drivers might be chosen randomly after every rally. Organisers will post a message in Discord tagging all drivers involved and they will have 48h to submit their videos. If the video has not been sent the driver will have a penalty.

2 wheels must be inside track limits all the time, unless the default co-driver says “cut”, then you can cut 1 car width. If a driver makes a mistake and cut unwittingly, he/she must slow down and brake to compensate the time he/she has gained illegally. So that stewards will take that into account.

It’s prohibited to quit the game between stages with no service areas and in all service areas during an event, with the following exceptions.

WERC 1 – Drivers of the first division can’t quit the game in service unless they give us an important reason.

WERC 2 – Drivers of the second division can quit the game only in 1 service per event and continue other day.

WERC Junior – Drivers of the junior division can quit the game in all services and continue other day. The abuse of this rule might imply a penalty.

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I have entered the WERC Rally Championship 2021 Dirt Rally 2.0 my problem is even though I have installed Discord and Twitcher I still don't know how to download my videos to either of those two sites in order to comply with the rules can anybody help please.

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