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Argentina location enough


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Something going wrong with the events in this game , everyday ,every week , every month we have too many events with Argentina , i dont know why happened this .
In my opinion is the worst location in this game but i know this is not point .
Where is the favorites location like the Monaco , Greece and Germany ?
Why we must play always in Argentina  ?

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As it stands, the Daily Challenge selector is entirely automated now, with some basic criteria applied (Bonus Challenges always feature either a DLC car or DLC Location for example).

What you're likely seeing is the equivalent of a coin toss landing on Heads a few times in a row, but over the long-term the balance of location selections is fairly even.


Argentina's not bad once you get the hang of it though, you need to be conscious of how wide you make the car when you slide as the rocks are so close to the road edges.

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On 3/25/2021 at 6:50 AM, mixalis7611 said:

Thank you for reply ,

I am just waiting the new random balance location's 

The problem with the Argentina is not the corners or the rocks. The car keeps going up and down all the way and I get a headache!

There's a setting to fix the shaking to a more tolerable level, I believe it's called Camera Shake. I turned mine down to one click from the left side and now it's much better. I used to hate the Argentina location, now it's one of my favorites.

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