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Who gets fake races?  So you win may be 4 or 5 in a row. Then you get put against someone with the name Player. (Dead give away 1). Player will start better than you regardless of your start. (Dead give away 2) Then an AI will pass you like you are stood still and block you. (Dead give away 3.) If you are able to pass them, you will never catch player regardless of your PI. Finish the race Players pi is lower than yours. (Dead give away 4)
Points to note here are. My pi is 2128. I never normally get passed by AI in normal races unless I come off. 
The race is clearly not against a real player it’s a bot player put in to halt your progress. This has been happening for months and months. Does it happen to you?  Do you want it to stop?

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yes, you know at the start of a sprint race duel usually the car is controlled automatically until you get to the start line/countdown and then YOU NOW get control of the car - but sometimes whilst the car is automatically going thru the last few corners at the last corner it suddenly goes straight into the barrier, there is no sign of braking or turning - its like you just take you hands of the wheel - and if its not wrecked i can reverse???? - i have control of the car but this is before the countdown even starts - how is this possible? and yeah being passed like im standing when im doing over 190mph is hilarious - and when you try to out brake them their ability to brake on a dime defies physics, crashing into some cars either results in you knocking them out the way - other times its like hitting a concrete?? block  

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