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Suggestion for different Resource point rewards for practice programs


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After having dumped several hundred hours into F1 2020, as well as previous installments, I have come to the conclusion that the current way of resource point generation from practice programs simply sucks. Can't be said otherwise.

Currently you either get:

  • Nothing, if you failed the practice program (like lower third of the bar usually)
  • Half the Resource Points if you did average on the practice program (mid third of the bar usually)
  • Full resource points if you did the program basically perfect (upper third of the bar usually)

I feel like that it is annoying and unrewarding in a lot of edge cases.

Example Track Acclimatization program... imagine you have 20 corners to hit to get the purple 200 points, but you only hit 19. Baem. You only get green and 100 points now. Try again, sucker. That's how punishing the game often is from my experience.

Same with other practice programs, like tire wear... if you miss the tire wear bar by just 1 pixel when completing the lap... baem. Only half the points. Or even worse... nothing because you ran out of time by just 0.2sek or something while otherwise having perfect wear.

Most annoying experience where you kinda want to pull your hair out.


I think what should be done instead of fixed cut-offs is linear resource points ranging from 0 to 100 within the set of a minimal target and a maximum target.

For track acclimatization programs that would mean let's say a track has 25 corners, and the minimum corners you have to hit to even start getting Resource points is least at 10, and the upper limit is 20 so there is still a buffer for errors even when aiming for max resources. But in between the lower limit of 10 and the upper limit of 20 corners you get a linear amount of resource points. It could still award increased accuracy/speed with more points.

Same for tire wear... maximum tire wear per lap being like whatever, 8%, while the lower limit is 4%..., and an upper lap time limit and a lower lap time limit, and while you are within those ranges you get linearly resource points for that.

Such a system would feel much more rewarding even if you don't get everything perfect every single time. At least I think a lot of people wouldn't waste as much time restarting the practice programs over and over until they get it perfect. I think more people would be like "meh, good enough" and move on instead of being stuck in agony trying to achieve everything perfectly because of how otherwise you'd miss out on a good deal of resource points.


Especially on harder difficulty settings a linear system would prove better, because I usually set the difficulty according so that I can barely beat them during the race in most cases.

But if I do that then some of the practice programs become (near) impossible to complete on purple or at all because the times the practice programs expect you to beat them are obviously artificial times taken from a perfect artificial AI Lap or whatever... and it is ridiculous in how many cases they don't match up at all when the AI is really out on track.

Sometimes I can easily beat them in real Qualifying, but if I do Qualifying practice program I am supposedly "miles off" from where I should be, so I only get half the points. Same for race strategy or others like tire wear. Especially tire wear program is ridiculously difficult from my experience. Often I skip the later altogether on higher difficulty settings because of how I am like 2 seconds off the time lol, and that while I am still going as fast as possible to still achieve the expected tire wear. Don't know how one is supposed to do it even faster. It's almost like it expects you do a qualifying-pace-lap but while also managing your tires every corner.

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