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Ideas for upcoming games


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Hi guys im new to this forum, but ive playd pretty much every f1 game so far. My suggestions are based on the idea that a career mode should be as realistic as possible. Why? I guess a lot of player could never afford to be a racer in real. So in my opinion career mode or myteam should be as realistic as possible to give us the feeling of living "our" dreams. Most F1 Player are probably freaks so for those who want more casual gaming they could adapt it in the setting like now . I hope you understand what i mean. 🙂 

My suggestion (some things i've seen a lot of times): 

1. New Engineer. Actually 10 for every team a different one

2. More realistic weather.

2.1 Include wind. We've seen it now in preseason testing. If there is tail wind its pushing them wide etc. How cool would it bee if your engineer would say you can brake later in turn 1 because of front wind. 

3. Helmet view incl. different visiors (vr)

4. Preseason testing

5. cool down lap

6. more realistic damage and failure

7. The whole R&D part is not realistic in my opinion. PU Upgrades should come maybe 1-2 times a year and cost a new engine. Aero and chassis isn't either you can't max out a car in real. you should be able to gain exp points and spend them in wishes like i want a more stable rear to adapt to my driving style. If the upgrade works you will discover next race weekend. maybe it works better maybe no big chance maybe worse. And if your happy with your car performance you could maybe tell them to work on the car for next season.

8. Negotiations teams should be approaching the drivers and tell "us" what their long term vision is. oder upgrades coming (strong PU, new Aero department etc.)

9. Target time in race that your strategy works?

Sorry for my bad english and thanks for your time. 🙂 let me know what you guys think


Cheers, Luca




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