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[PC] [League mode] Forced ai and dealing with reserves

Guest Bicarda

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Guest Bicarda

Thanks very much for fixing the park ferme in league mode. (If it actually is fixed.. we haven't tried) 

I hope next on the list is the forced ai in on demand leagues, 
and a better way to handle reserve drivers/driver changes. (at the very least allow more than 20 drivers to be added to the league, and ideally in our case, 3 drivers to a team) 
As well as an option to have the reserves score for the team they drive for and for themselves (but not for the driver they replace) 

League race seasons are long. can last 4-5 months. People WILL quit, switch teams, be promoted from reserve driver to actual driver (maybe for the team they were driving for.. maybe another team), etc etc.

The league mode absolutely HAS to provide in this or it is useless. as I've stated before. 
And this has to be taken into account for next game. 

The league modes in the last 2 games were extremely halfhearted attempts that as soon as we tried them out showed their flaws and restrictions. 
Please make 3rd time the charm and actually think it through really good BEFORE release of the new game. Because apart from that it needs to work, obviously, if it is restrictive in any way, 99% of the leagues will find one reason to not be able to use it. 

I also think there's A LOT to be said for making this an entirely separate app from the game. because the menu's in the game are... made for consoles.. it isn't at all practical to create a league on  your steering wheel, And it just seems very restrictive the way it works with the game now.. Not being able to add more people than fit in a lobby at a single time.. And changing stuff in the excel sheets is just sooooooo much more simple and intuitive than going through menu's with the analog stick on the wheel. Maybe I'm wrong here but i just think it's easier if, instead of the league mode in game, you create a nice external program that does it all and then just has the game load a lobby with the right settings. This app can then be made modable so we can make it even better.. I see a really shining future here if you guys just let it be. 

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