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[PC] [League mode] More spectator spots

Guest Bicarda

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Guest Bicarda

Now i've already broken quite a few lances for live stewarding in multiplayer, which this game would be helped by so much and would take a lot of the penalty, safety car fine-tuning out of your hands if we can just let actual people do it.  But it seems like you guys aren't really interested in that which is a shame. 

Next best thing though is to just allow more people in the lobbies at the same time. 
If we could have 4 more spectator seats we could have a lot more eyes everywhere and apart from it helping with highlight video's and stuff,
The stewards also have more chance to spot things. 

The other day I drove an ACC endurance race, with 42 teams and more than 100 people connected to the server at the same time so the technology is definitely there. 

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