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Stupid aggressive AI is the only thing that really annoys me in this game

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Sounds like you need to turn down the Ai difficulty. Im up from the default difficulty to 100 now on most tracks, and I can still bully the AI cars just as easy as they can bully me. If the AI is crashing into you in races all the time then you might be too slow. If you are on old tires sometimes you have to let the guy behind you pass. The AI is certiainly clumsy at times, (like during practice mentioned above) but if you are setting competitive laptimes then it seems quite balanced to me. 

A suggested Ai difficulty during time trials or something would help this. 

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On 4/9/2021 at 10:16 PM, ChicagoSeminole said:

If the AI is crashing into you in races

We are not even talking "in the race", man, this happens in free practice. And even if it happened during races, we are not racing stock cars or nascar where you bump into other carbacks on purpose. This is F1 where 99% of the time you will want to avoid car contact by all means. The AI does not reflect this, that is all we are saying.

On 4/9/2021 at 10:16 PM, ChicagoSeminole said:

If you are on old tires sometimes you have to let the guy behind you pass

Sorry but that is so wrong - we are racing, that means we defend the racing line as long as we have a car behind us that is racing for position. THEY have to find a way past us. By no rules in motorsport is it allowed to drive into the rear of another car to make way. See Sebastian Vettel versus Ocon in the 1st GP in 2021, the whole world is critizising him for his move, yet that is what AI is attempting to do in every corner.

The same answer is valid for the advice "turn down AI you are too slow". And on the contrary, the faster AI is versus you, the EASIER they should find their way past, WITHOUT making contact (as long as racing for position and not under blue flags, or blocking them on purpose like moving under braking etc).

As for a possible solution:

I am going to stick my neck out and say that AI's aggressiveness is missing some sort of corrective. We all know the follwing in-game message "Warning, collision with driverXY". Times a player will receive this message, even he is not clearly responsible for a collision (and that is somewhat ok with me). But I wonder wether or not the AI would "receive" these messages as well? Say, similar to leaving the track under "strict track limit" conditions, you could implement some rule into the F1 2021 game, that more than one collision that aint wheelbumping in a session will result in a penalty. If the AI had means to calculate, if it was still worth to collide with another car, it might (more often) decide to find a way around a collision. Or it might back off in the first place and "wait" for the next DRS zone, because it calculated that 1of2 collision points have been consumed and another will result in a drive through time loss or +5 starting grid penalty and whatnot. Combine this with "simulation damage" not only affecting the players car, but all AI cars as well, and you either get the result you want (less contact caused by AI cars), or you come out top when someone is "causing a collision" pretty much like stewards sanctioning this IRL. Of course, there is a lot more detail to this, like a calculation factor that let AI make mistakes as well and the like, but I hope you can see the direction I am pointing to.

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Hmm. I'm going to have a go and see if I can replicate that kind of AI crashing into you in practice, though I have to use a harder difficulty I guess, which can change the behaviour

E: Tested it. Seems to just be an issue in that specific corner. The AI isn't really trying to be aggressive, it's just better at braking than the driver with a slower car and harder tires. When it realises that, it tries to avoid the incident until it figures out that it can't get away from the collision

Basically the most generic mistake I do when racing against others 😛 

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