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(PC) (STEAM) Steam update disk write error. NOT SOLVED YET


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I have tried deleting cache, turning off only-read, run as administrator, contact steam, EVERYTHING!

i got messages saying about a problem about the dx12 app or something like that, no corrupted files found too, i tried reinstalling it multiple times, god please help me. pd: i tried checking files integrity and it showed like everything was ok. platform is PC, steering wheel is a logitech G27, i can't know the version, the problem started since i installed camera mod by G2_70, please let me know if i'm missing any information... if you need to dm me on discord: pain..#0739


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  • txmiiF1 changed the title to (PC) (STEAM) Steam update disk write error. NOT SOLVED YET

You need to submit this as a proper bug report but it seems your windows installation is either corrupt or damaged in some way.

Also, you need to remove any mods as this will stop the game from launching or give an error.


Once you have submitted the bug properly with detail I can try to suggest solutions.

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