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Can't rebind the controls for menu on G923

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I've been driving racing games for a long time now and finally got my hands on a wheel but on my G923 my Circle and Square buttons are swapped from their usual binding (it's slightly confusing as all the bindings are now numbers rather than their respective button names (e.g. R2, L1, X etc.) Whenever I attempt to rebind them it says: WARNING You can only map menu controls for devices that have no preset control scheme.

Alright, Great i'll just disable the preset and bind everything manually... nope there's nothing that allows me to create a new mapping from scratch and all i can do via the wheel's software is disable buttons, not rebind them to opposites because F1 2020 won't allow me to do the most basic of PC gaming, Rebinding keys... My friends have the ps4 and xbox version of the older G29 and G920 respectively and they have no issues with their bindings the preset just works but they can't rebind their menu controls either.

I tried downloading a Steam Workshop binding that somehow had the 2/3 buttons swapped (otherwise known as Square and Circle) and it just doesn't change a thing to do with the menu controls. I figure this must be a bug at this point.

The buttons at the bottom indicating what to hit to input have never changed to represent what they should regardless of which scheme I'm using.

F1 2020 - DX12 Screenshot 2021.03.30 -

F1 2020 - DX12 Screenshot 2021.03.30 -

F1 2020 - DX12 Screenshot 2021.03.30 -

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