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Show Out-Lap Cars On Mini-Map. SIMPLE SUGGESTION.


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For long time, i know there should be some info about who is on fast laps or out lap in qualifying. But i just live without this.

REASONS and Example:
So this happened in my League race this week and this is common issue with many, so many. So i was going out from pit to my final Hotlap in qualifying. This is best time when you look for who is behind you and who is on hotlap. I let hot lappers past me and then I was warming up with one of out lappers front of me. Longer you drive, without engineer you start to get confused about who is out lap with you and who is not. After Sector2 i see far behind me car, i think he is on Out lap, for sure im not slowing now my car on last sector and cool my tyres for car im not sure. On final sector im only focus for getting ready for Hotlap. Near to australia last`s corner, i give little gab to cars front of me and waiting my turn. Then BANG, its ovet, one of car on hotlaps hit on me. 
My fault or not, there should be something who give me details about this. On real F1 there is engineer for this.

On spectator menu, you see cars on Out-lap. So game can recognize this easily. So for example can cars DOTS on mini map be bold when On OR Not on out-laps. Very simple.
I know for f12020 there is not going to be new Jeff line, But for future games, could there be Jeff warning you about Hot lappers behind you if you both are in same sectors, you as on Out-lap and other as Hotlap. 

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