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Dirt Club Issue


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Hey everyone; 

So had an issue arise twice in a dirt 2.0 club championship i set up between a few friends. 

On two occassions we have noticed that a time for a stage has not been given despite it being completed..

This happened earlier in the championship and again today. 

On stage 12 of NZ i completed said stage and set a time of 12 mins odd...(cant remember exact time).. i crossed the finish line. Made it to the screen where it shows all peoples timings and then clicked exit to main menu (it was the last stage of that particular race). 

However noticed when checking the leaderboards that no time has been given to myself and in turn that has dropped me from 2nd to 3rd. 

Just wondered if anyone knows why this may have happened? Has anyone suffered from the same issue? 

Really puts a dampner on the championship! 

Screenshot_20210331-225826_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20210331-225835_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20210331-230024_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20210331-230032_Samsung Internet.jpg

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8 hours ago, UnderclassGDfan said:

My guess is:

Don't click exit to main menu.
Press continue, so it actually saves your time.

Not 100% sure if that is the problem, but try that next time.


This. You need to make sure you hit "CONTINUE" all the way through the leaderboards for it to actually complete the stage. Until you submit the times by hitting "CONTINUE" you still haven't actually "finished" the stage and are still in the final service area.

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