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Support a public API for the leaderboards

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I've been trying to come up with some more ways to interact with my viewers on stream, and one thing I would LOVE to do but is extremely tedious to pull of is quickly getting time trial data for a stage and keeping it available off the in-game leaderboard page. This got me thinking about what is really needed just in general, to help support the insanely dedicated (and slightly obsessive) rally community who loves stats and building their own experiences around the core gameplay.


  • Time Trial queries: top 100 times for a stage/class; user time & position +/- 50 positions around the user; user & friends times & positions
  • Club: current event & details; individual stage details and times; championship details, future/past events, total points, etc
  • Community Events: current events & details; past event results for specific users; user & friend results for comparisons

How cool would it be if some community players threw together a time trial challenge website for their club or discord server? It pulls the current stage that everyone is racing on, and could highlight club members on the overall board.

Or maybe as a streamer I could pick a stage to time trial with my viewers, query it really quick, and take the JSON output to quickly populate the #1 driver & time, and my current time & postion in UI elements on screen instead of having to manually record them and update the changes. Setting up a script to refresh it after a finish and you could see it actually climb positions and showcase the drivers within +/- 2 of my position.

Now forget just my little no-name stream, you could combine this with your broadcasting for official events to do incredible things. The production value of being able to query a live datastream and use that to enhance a viewing experience would be incredible. I'm sure you already use some internal services to perform some of this, but expand it and push it into some public capacity. Silo off trade secret stuff, as much as I want the full telemetry data of a player's stage time I could understand not feeding it through a public API, but the more you can provide us with the more incredible things we can do.


This community is frothing at the mouth for a chance to recreate some of their most nostalgic and iconic rally memories. They want ways to host massive 24 Event Championships, with drivers forming teams and doing 'manufacturer' cups with custom point allocations outside of clubs, building websites to manage all of the data. HELP US MAKE THESE THINGS EVEN BETTER WITH MORE REAL INTEGRATION. Give us the tools to do these things easier and you will see a game that lives on for decades with a die hard playerbase.


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