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Unable to log into Clubs


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As the title says, I am unable to log into clubs here https://dirtrally2.dirtgame.com/clubs

I want to set up a private club, so I and my neighbour can compete against each other. At present we are filling out an Excel sheet with the stage and times, then swapping it with each other once a week.

I am using an Xbox Series X and have linked it in my account and it shows as linked and is Green, I have then updated it. I have tried this at least 10 times to no avail. Every time I try to log into Clubs, I get the same message,

To access this area you require a platform linked to your Codemasters account where you have played DiRT Rally 2.0. To link a platform, click 'MANAGE ACCOUNT' below. Once linked, press the 'REFRESH ACCOUNT' button to continue

I select "Refresh Account" but it just keeps coming back to the above message and I am unable to log in.

I have deleted all cookies and browsing data in Chrome numerous times.

I sent an email to Codemasters and to be honest, I was really disappointed that I simply received a basic reply, even after I went into detail about what happens and what I have done to try and fix the problem. I replied to them again explaining that I have tried everything they had suggested and I have not heard back from them and it's been a week.

So here I am, asking you guys for some help as it is driving me bonkers and I would really appreciate your help.





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Ok, so I thought, maybe I need to log into Racenet, through the Series X, so I went to try and set up a Club inside the game, it asked me to log in, I entered my details and then it came back with a message to say that I had entered the wrong details.

I have entered the correct details 5 times to no avail, I really don't get this and it is really starting to **** me off.

Something so easy doesn't need to be this hard.

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Well, I had to create another account.

That worked, so I am not sure why I couldn't log into Dirt2 clubs with my other account. BUT......

Here we go again, this really is turning into a real ********.

I have managed to Create a Club. Ok, that's great, I am getting somewhere at long last. So then on to creating a Championship, I go through the process and get the Events and Stages done, select the Duration, which is 7 days, select the other options such as Had Core damage etc. Hit the Submit Championship Buttom and NOTHING!!!

So now I cannot create a Championship as it won't allow me to submit it, I don't get the screen to tell me that it was submitted.

Am I doing something wrong????

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Well at long last I managed to get it done.

I am not sure what is going on with it but I had to refresh the page and create another championship. From there everything went as it should.

So, for anyone else having issues with Dirt 2 Clubs, 

1. Clear all cookies and browsing history from your prefered browser.

2. Create an alternative account and log in using the new account.

4. If you get stuck at the submit championship and it won't give the submitted message, refresh the page and do it again.

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