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Career Mode Upgrade Suggestions


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First one is that the tyre temperature model is great but it becomes quite unbalanced when the car is fully upgraded. There should be some tyre temperature upgrades in the chassis to balance it out. Either in weight redistribution or reduction I think. It would be nice to not have to eventually turn the carcass temps off because the tracks eventually become impossible to not overheat the tyres on.

Second suggestion has to do with regulation changes. It's actually far too easy to adapt to regulation changes and keep the car fully upgraded. In my opinion the player should be informed of regulation changes ahead of time... in some cases maybe even several seasons ahead of time. The end result of a regulation change would be a change to a new upgrade tree essentially. (Maybe even entirely different upgrades on each path in some cases to the new 'specs') So my thinking is that the player could then choose to focus resource points either on current regulations or focus development toward the new one. Would be a good way to jump the field in a later season if you develop a head start or you could find yourself losing ground because you spent all your points trying to stay ahead before the reg change took effect. Also the new regs should carry some kind of penalty to the various upgrade levels you do for downforce, sponsorship, simulator, ect. At the point of the career mode I'm at now there's basically nothing to do and having a career mode that's constantly in some form of flux could really go a long way toward keeping it fresh. Maybe even have various rule changes like motorsport manager has so it can be possible to run without DRS, safety cars, or even different qualifying or tyre rules. I dunno. I'm just thinking aloud in this last couple of lines. I definitely think presenting a scenario of this upgrade tree or that one as opposed spending half resource toward saving your progress is potentially a much better way to go though.

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