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JRX PS4 New Season Announcement

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Hello everyone,

A new season in JRX is starting soon and now is a good time to join. JRX is a rallycross league on PS4 which provides close and fair racing to everyone. Season will have 10 rounds and biweekly there will be 2 rounds on Sundays starting at 18.00 GMT.


In JRX, you can compete alone as a privateer or in a team to also go after the Teams' title. The car class will be the 2019 Supercars.




JRX will use the in-game format (4x Q, 1x SF, 1x F). There will be qualifyings in lobbies before the races if there's more than 8 drivers which is the lobby maximum. This split into 2 tiers will make the racing more closer with everyone racing against similarly paced drivers so it will be more enjoyable. With us having 2 rounds at each time, we are expecting the racing to take 1,5 hours.


Feel free to ask any questions and give JRX a go. We don't have any requirements for how many rounds you need to do so you can join for the rounds you're available if you're not sure you can do a full season.


Joining our Discord is mandatory for the league as that's where everything is organised.

Discord: https://discord.gg/GxMYKsh

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