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New Gamemodes


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1. Last man standing (2-20 drivers NO rules online, No damage, but every lap someone goes DNF)

2. Extreme damage ( every tap is a dnf (online and offline))

3. 75% races (online and offline)

4 reverse (online 2-20 drivers goes reverse in a circuit 5 laps

5. EXTREME DRS (offline you can customise the drs between 100%-500%

6. F1 my team sponsors (add some sponsors who sponsors the game) the fake ones kinda sucks, or new fake sponsors 

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+ new engineers to sign with accents 

(Jeff(Britain) alex(Australian), Kurt(American),Brent(Dutch), Jong sun(Japan), Frederique(French), juan(Mexico), Manuel(Spanish), Cristiano(Portugal), James(Canadian), ronaldo(Brazil), Pedro(Argentina))

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