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F1 New Game "Ultimate Team" or "MyTeam" function.

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I was just thinking about feature and thought of having some sort of ultimate team or myteam feature in a future F1 game.  The game mode could make you choose a team logo, of which there are current ones (Example- Red Bull, AlphaTauri, Williams, Mercedes) and former ones (Lancia?  Not really sure of former constructors).  You could also select 6 drivers (2 main drivers that currently race- something like Verstappen and Hamilton and another reserve driver- say Bottas.  You could then select another 2 main drivers that used to race- anywhere from Daniil Kvyat to Ayrton Senna, and then another reserve diver- could be Niki Lauda).  YOu could also select two cars, meaning that you could have one car suited well for Driver A, and a second car that Driver B would like.  There could also be chemistry bonuses.  If you put Hamilton and Verstappen together, the team will have negative chemistry as both of them are now rivals, and the teams performance could be nerfed because of it.  If you put in a Lewis Hamilton in his current form but give him the McLaren that he used to race in, there would be a ok amount of chemistry as he is not racing in his own car but he is in a car hat he formerly raced in.  There could also be a game mode where you could do a 4 driver race, where one driver per team is controlled by a real person, and the teammate by the CPU.  There could also be a sort of domination mode, where you could say that you want to race at Track A and come out on top of Team A.  I do not know if this is possible, but you guys could ask EA if you guys can put in a feature where you can get drivers from the team that you wanted to come out on top of (say you picked 2021 Haas and drafted Mick Schumacher, and then you could discard a driver on your team- an example could be Nikita Mazepin.  after you discard that driver, the other team can only use that driver if your are playing online.).  The reason I talked about EA in that is because I have got that idea from Fifa's Volta Football.  I know that this could be hard because to make it be fun it would need more than just the current constructors, but if it can be done, I think that this could be a killer game mode.

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