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G29 Issues in Multiplayer F1 2020

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Hi guys, so I've been having issues ever since I bought F1 2020. I have a G29 wheel and basically, whenever I'm in an unranked session, the wheel occasionally freezes input into game, then jerks back into life (it'll lock in a straight line), and also it constantly feels really jumpy and twitchy and will slightly pull off to the side in short bursts every so often. I can't understand what would be causing these problems. I also use Assetto Corsa and have never experienced these issues on there or any other driving games. And what's even stranger is that in single player and ranked lobbies, it seems to happen significantly less frequently/ moreorless not at all. It just seems really buggy in unranked sessions. Can anyone shed some light on this or has anyone experienced anything similar? Could it be a network issue or software issue on my PS4?



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