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bug with the air (car damage?)

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Hi! sorry for my english...

I am in the second season in myTeam and the car has a bug.
I was playing in 104 difficulty, and improving the car but I went down in 102 because of a bug.

When I am in a straight line, I hear friction with the air as if I had damage. In addition, the right front tire overheats directly in 1 lap, so I have more trouble in bends. It becomes unplayable.
I specify that it is only in this game mode. I don't want to restart a career ... Ideas ?

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Thanks for reporting your issue. However, we do need a complete bug report in order to gain all the details needed to replicate and troubleshoot your issue. A template is here for you to copy and paste in your answers:

Please complete the report when possible, as we do need all the details below to replicate your problem. A video with sound is needed here. First I've seen on this.

Many thanks,


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