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Features that should not be added / when realism goes too far

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I thought It'd be fun to write up a list of BAD features and things that would get a laugh out of me in a april fools "update"

Please don't do any of these

  • When you hit a spectator the series is canceled as is the entire class of cars (à la group b) and will not return until you re-set your profile
  • A tyre puncture is a 5 minute penalty if you do it and a 3 minute penalty if the co-driver helps, but then they've lost their place in the pace notes
  • A terminal comes with hospital bills (if you're in the usa)
  • The windscreen fogs up on winter stages, and sometimes randomly when it rains
  • Sometimes, just sometimes your co-drivers finger slips and skips a whole page of pacenotes
  • Tyres at service cost credits, and different amounts in different locations
  • On ocassion there's a weird noise your car makes at about 4000rpm but it goes away after bumps
  • Spark plugs can foul if you don't change them frequently enough
  • Race gas is expensive
  • Entry fees 
  • Your head mechanic keeps asking if "we can LS swap the datsun the next time you crash it"
  • A windscreen replacement is unavailable in austrailia because it would have just cost too much to take it with you, and there are none locally that your team can source
  • Brake fade in the ds21 actually happens
  • If you crash into a ditch and you can't get out its a 3 hour affair and you have to haggle with the toe truck driver unless its near a farm or a town where someone has an old pickup, this has a 20% chance of failure
  • Damaging the guardrails in spain causes the goverment to send you a bill six months after the crash
  • During crashes fires are a posibility and the fire supression system must be used (new key binds)
  • Your manager keeps talking about this rbr game and how you just gotta let him have a go cause its just like real life and he's great in the game so, well, come on then, let him have a go!
  • If you hit and damgage a tree on private property you may be liable for damages, arborists get involved and your racing career turns into a lengthy legal battle


What else should be in the april 1st patch notes in the future?


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