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Please Wait Ego Dumper error in my Team [fixed]

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-I was playing My Team and got to Monaco and I cannot play as I'm getting Ego Dumper error when it says "Please wait" (twice it let me in but crashed when I clicked "return to garage"). I started looking at the forum and found the error in F1 2019. And I did what BarryBL and steviejay69 were recommending but it didnt help. I also checked integrity of game files, reinstalled the game and nothing helped. I started Monaco in GrandPrix mode and in benchmark without a problem so it's not something with the track.


-Steam (PC)
-F1 2020 1.17
-Game-Mode: my Team
-Whenever I enter myTeam it crashes so I can make it happen again
-By launching myTeam when I got to Monaco P1
-Restarting game, Changing video settings, Checking integrity of game files, reinstalling game, deleting hardware_settings_config.xml , downloading newest drivers for GPU, changing between both DirectX versions
-Logitech F310
-Screenshot (+info.txt in attachment):



After changing my gloves to default ones it's working properly. Thanks for help and sorry for creating a twin post as some other user did.

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my issue got fixed
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Please fill in a bug report as via the template and carry on any existing threads that you have the same issue as


Can you please check you are not using the Racenet livery or Suit as this has been causing crashes in My Team. Change or create a new avatar without them before starting My Team.

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