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F1 won't launch anymore and EGO Dumper everytime


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- Fix game files on Steam
- Disable overlay
- Update video drivers
- Launch game on -safemode
- Reinstall the game
- Move to another drive partition
- Delete the config.xml files
- Launch on DirectX 11
- Download DirectX 12 again and reinstall it
- Run the game as administrator
- Run the game in forced windowed mode
- Disable auxiliary monitors and launch the game with a single monitor
- Change game video settings on Nvidia panel
- Restart PC and close all apps before launching the game

It's almost like this is a list found elsewhere....I see it so many times, it's not entirely relevant. How this persists yet advice from the game's own forum is ignored....

F1® 2020 | Basic Troubleshooting - Technical Assistance - Codemasters Community

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On 4/27/2021 at 8:00 AM, BarryBL said:

Please contact custservice@codemasters.com to discuss the refund process @Gafsss, however, we have offered troubleshooting advice (Thanks @steviejay69). 

It's not like I am not trying. I did all the troubleshooting advised by @steviejay69 and it didn't work. Fun fact: I even tried reinstalling and running my old F1 2018 and it's also not working. So probably something related to the engine/hardware situation.
The list of troubleshooting goes on, and unlike @steviejay69 implied, the list was not copied from anywhere else. I created it ticking all the boxes and trying every item more than once with different hardware configs (system rollback, motherboard driver update, graphics driver rollback, secondary monitors off, and so on.

It's a shame but the game will simply stop responding as soon as it launches. CPU goes up and down almost immediately while the RAM continues to process and alocate space for the game normally (around 4gb).

And no, @Jeff507, I was not able to fix the problem :).

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