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Seperate driver number system for F1 2021


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In F1 2021 a seperate driver number system should be implemented which means that

  • You would have a driver number in Career mode / MyTeam
  • And you would have a driver number in Multiplayer

In MULTIPLAYER you would be able to choose any* number from 2 to 99 (even those number which are used by real F1 drivers). The reason why this should be implemented is because more IRL F1 drivers play the game (e.g. Russell, Norris, Leclerc, Albon, Latifi), and it'd be quite great for them aswell if they can use the number in-game, they're using in F1, plus it is quite unrealistic for me that I'm in a lobby and atleast 3 people use the same driver number. 

In Multiplayer youwould choose your number in the lobby. In case you didn't select a number, the game would randomly give you one.


*Number 17 is not included.


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9 hours ago, cearp8858 said:

This already exists in a way, you can create different driver profiles in game and state which modes you want to use a specific driver for

Yeah, but like what if you wanted to use a real driver's number in MP rather than the other 70-ish, like I just wanna LARP as Russell and use the #63 in MP

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