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Yet an other wishlist Post


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This year while playing F1 2020 I wrote down things that in my opinion need change or are missing entirerly. Some of this might be repetative as other people have mentioned them before in different threads but I´m going to include them anyway.


Overall changes

  1.  Balance the AI. I´m not talking about the inconsitency from track to track, you can easily find out your AI performance level for each track in GP mode. However the AI becomes more difficult the further you progress in career mode. For example in season one the perfect AI level for me in Brazil was 103 but in season 3 of MyTeam I had to turn down the AI to 100 to be able to place my car to where it belongs That means the AI got 6 tenths per lap faster than compared to season 1 while in Grand Prix mode (so basically season 1 conditions) 103 was still the correct AI level for me. This is something I had to figure out on every race track which means either I have to do every qualifying session twice (once with original AI pace, once with new AI pace) or I´m forced to have a bad qualifying and then adjust the AI for the race. Both is very annoying. 
  2. Improve the AI. Very often I have situations where I really have to push to keep up with and eventually overtake an AI car which is a lot of fun. But as soon as I overtake said car it can´t keep up with me at all. Also the AI has a very tough time overtaking cars that use Rich and Overtake despite them having Rich, Overtake, DRS and Sliptstream. And what´s also imprtant is that they need to stop ignoring you when you didn´t pull alongside them in the straights but a bit later like in Spain in Turn 3. You try to overtake round the outside, you always end up in the gravel because you get pushed wide.
  3. Make the tracks look closer to real life. There are Videos out there that compare GT Sport to real life and F1 2020 and the tracks in GT Sport look almost like real life. Also as far as I know their tracks aren´t laser scanned either which shows that it´s not that hard to do for skilled developers. (Yes I know it takes time but what hinders you to update them slowly but steady?)
  4. More realistic tire strategy: In 50% races it usally happens that everyone starting below P10 can do one stop while everyone starting inside P10 has to do two. At tracks like Paul Ricard the race result is always unrealistic because of this. Also the AI needs to stop using Hard tires when they could easily pit a lap later for mediums. This needs more balancing to make sense. For example hards should become faster in the end compared to mediums when both compounds are equally old.


Career Mode

  1. No more Formula Unrealistic. It doesn´t make sense that in Season 3 of career mode you can use Overtake for the whole lap because your battery is always full. Same goes for fuel saving while pushing in standard mode, and barely burn fuel in rich mix. Also in 25% races it doesn´t make sense that you could easily drive a whole race on softs.  In previous F1 games (2010-2016) it was much better scaled.
  2. Free decisions over amount of races per season: That´s just a nice to have really so that seasons are shorter but not too short while I have even more variety from season to season other than throwing out the same 4 tracks that I don´t like
  3. Free choice in race order. Let us set Imola as the season finale and Abu Dhabi as the opener. I mean why not?
  4. Teams approach drivers, drivers approach your Team. It would add some sort of rewarding feeling if a Team like Red Bull approaches you in driver career after a succesfull season or if a driver like Ricciardo approaches your team because he sees potential in the project.
  5. Option for F1 2019 like driver changes and R&D development. Sure it´s not realistic at all but I loved having a title fight with McLaren in season 2 while Mercedes and Ferrari fell down the order with their drivers looking for potential race winning cockpits elsewhere. It was crazy but a lot of fun.
  6. Rule changes to have more impact. With the way the cars develop and how unrealistic they become I think rule changes should be more harsh. Make protecting a part as expensive as if it was a new one. That way the cars stay more realistic and in theory the shake up for the new season should be bigger as well.
  7. Make driver changes come into play after the season ended. The comparison to your teammate at the end of a season doesn´t make sense when it´s already your new teammate. 



  1. Sponsor placement and colouring on suits and helmet. Instead of just making the game copy the sponsors from the cars to the clothing the player should be able to do that themselves as very often suit colour and sponsor colour dont work together.
  2. Race number. Font and colour should be custiomisable. There should also be a slot for your race number on your helmet.
  3. Of course a proper editor like GT Sport, Forza or even Midnight Club Los Angeles had would be the best solution for the players.


  1. Various fixes in loading time and connection. 
  2. Car livery, suits and helmets should be changeable in the lobby.

Additional Content 

  1. Leave tracks from previous games that aren´t in the calendar anymore in the game. Examples for F1 2021 would be China and Vietnam. 
  2. Classic Tracks. In addition to the tracks that stay in the game despite no official usage in the season there should be a few classic tracks joining the game with each year as well.


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