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We're re-opening our doors to compete.

Established since 2015, we've organised and ran a competitive league within the F1 Franchise over the course of the last 5 years. Unfortunately during the latter stages of COVID-19, we took a break to recharge our batteries for various reasons. We're now back and opening our doors again for drivers to come forward and join up once more, be it seasoned or rookie or old or new. We want you to get involved!

We strive for an old fashioned style community, a website; forum and to be part of a community who pushes us forward to strive for more whilst adhering to an honest and competitive racing environment. We do of course have our varied social media options available to us, but we don't want to run our league from a Discord chat / social media platform. Call us old school!

We're planning on running the league within the F1 2020 League game initially but have ran our leagues manually in the past and is under consideration as we move forward.

Current plans are:

* Multiplayer Cars - This allows for custom Constructors to formulate (future plans ahead in development)
* One Shot Qualification - Allowing for a varied and pressure sensitive grid
* 25% Distance Races - Allowing for a multi race session (two races per session planned)
* ERS /DRS / Fuel / Pit Entry & Release - Manual
* Surface and Carcass Wear
* Strict Corners

Plus more!

We look forward to seeing you on the grid!


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