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Request: solution for some gamers ahead of F1 2021 (pitcoins, specific situation;details following).


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Hello there. Here's what I mean: for starters, the current game (F1 2020) does not have one year of life yet, but has had only five podium pass seasons thus far, so for people whom have started the game with no pitcoins, it means we'll only be able to get VIP when season 6 comes along, but by then the new game will be out, so it will be pointless. Also, seasons last too long, 50+ days plus a week hiatus. You really should shorten the pass's seasonal time for any and all F1 games, that alone would be a big help.

Second, yes, I know we can buy pitcoins, so this problem I'm going to try to explain technically isn't a problem for most people, but it is for us non-Americans. Here's a big part of the issue, ever since Sony/PlayStation have estabilished themselves and a localized PS Store front (servers) in my country, local gaming stores have CEASED TO IMPORT NA PSN cards, meaning people like I cannot buy DLCs for our American PSN IDs anymore, unless one has an international CC, which is not the case for most nor myself. PSN cards now only work for my regional PS Store.

So the only reason I wasn't able to have more items in the F1 2020 game was because I was and am forced to use the Brazilian PS Store for purchases (a different PSN ID), but all my gaming, trophies and friends are on my NA PSN ID, and of course you know this, but mtx dlcs do not transfer between PSN IDs.

 I hope you can remember about this situation in this and in future years, and maybe work on a fix for F1 2021 already too, or my pitcoins and people's pitcoins, THAT WE HAVE PAID FOR, will still be rendered automatically useless.

Suggestion: if the user has not spent the coins they gathered from zero in F1 2020, let us at least transfer that to the 2021 game? Also, remember, shorten the pass's seasonal lifespan by A LOT, and please add 5k free coins per season instead of just 2.5k

Lastly, I do not approve of mtx, but that's another thing entirely.

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