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Ok, so, I know Braking Point, the normal career mode and My Team are three separated and distinct game modes, but I think there's a tiny little feature you could add before the release.

Let's say you started the normal career mode, and that you completed three of the ten seasons. During this career, let's say you won one title, had 21 victories, 5 fastest laps, 30 poles and 10k km ridden distance.

Then you start My Team, and your character starts as a rookie, with all statistics at 0, right? Here's my suggestion, why not stick career stats to the drivers created in character customization instead of the game modes? That way, we could start My Team by importing our character while retaining career stats, instead of always being a rookie owner/driver the way the game is now.


PS: let us fire Jeff, please! Or better yet, let different teams have different engineers. Also, please bring Emma back, and reintroduce commentary on pitlane/garage scenes during practice and qualifying. Make Claire smarter too, her trapping negative acclaim questions are annoying, but so are the repetitive questions. Same could be said of Will Buxton's.

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