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Will pitcoins in F1 2020 be carried over to F1 2021?


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16 minutes ago, KleptoJack said:

For people who have already earned/purchased pitcoins for F1 2020, will they be able to use them in the new game? Or will they be locked to the 2020 game?

They will be locked to F1 2020 I would assume. Maybe if they implement a system similar to FIFA where you have a one time transfer allowed but I’m not sure that will happen

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I highly doubt they'll carry over.  In game currency rarely does.  It'd be nice though if they'd give us a "bonus" in 2021 to reward for playing 2020.  I think some older EA titles used to do that in the past.  I'd assume though that at this point the in game currency will stay exclusive to that specific game it was earned.

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On 8/29/2021 at 5:28 AM, La Poubelle said:

Only bugs are transferred. And i'm serious.



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