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This VR Reshade works incredibly well for DR 2.0


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I'm just copying the text from my reddit post:

StreamVR Version


I installed this last night with my G2 and the difference in colors is amazing. The sharpness is already pretty good with this hmd but some changes are definitely noticeable if looking at them when turning the shader off and on (END key).

You cannot use this shader and the VR eye accomodation mod at the same time but this does an ok job itself of limiting the brightness corrections.

You can use both Reshade and eye mod with the .dll in the this thread from post #11: https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/dr2-0-vr-performance-tuning-and-visual-upgrade-mods.200905/#post-3372288

I'm currently just using the preset it installs with which can be tuned (HOME key) but it looks great. This should also be compatible with other games but I have only tried it on DR2 so far.

Just copy or zip the files into the DR2 install location.

Comparison photos -> https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/dr2-0-vr-performance-tuning-and-visual-upgrade-mods.200905/post-3380691

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Someone just responded with this:


"I love the shader but once I found myself having to choose between reshade and the eye accommodation fix it was no contest. Kegety's eye accommodation is far more critical to gameplay. Make a custom championship in Sweden with day/sunset/dusk/night stages. Play it with just eye accommodation and then just with reshade.

That said, I posted a thread about both on racedepartment and one of the users there made a .dll shim that makes reshader load first then they work together on most people's machines but not all. https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/dr2-0-vr-performance-tuning-and-visual-upgrade-mods.200905/#post-3372288

That thread also has a VR tuning guide to tweak your in-game and gpu settings to get the most out of what you have"


So it might be possible to have both. I'm testing it tonight.  EDIT: Yes, possible

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