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F1 2021 Pre-order discount.

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If you haven't took notice of it.

A pre download option for ps5 version is now available in the F1 2020 store link.

Just go into it and mark the 3 dots. Then you can select the PS5 version.

Kinda stupid (especially if it will stay the only way to download the PS5 version, if you need to re instal the game or something else) but better than nothing.

Pre orders from Monday on should be able to select the PS5 version after the purchase.

(Friend of me told me that he was able to select it)

Seems like It was worth it to contact PSN-support and showing them the issue after they had canceld my first pre order.


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Urk. Both versions of the game auto-downloaded to my ps5 despite me turning auto-load off.

I am on a data cap. That's not cool man!

I'm assuming I can actually get the PS4 version on my PS4 via a external hard drive transfer? (Downloading it again is something I would like to avoid.)

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